9 Step Hiring Process

Johnson & Hill Associates are thoroughly screened, evaluated and interviewed in person using our 9 Step Hiring Process. This detailed and thorough screening allows us to develop a comprehensive database of talented associates ready to present to our client companies upon request. Our standard process can also be customized and enhanced to meet your individual company requirements.

  1. Prescreen: Skills, experience, and availability
  2. Application: Available on-line or in person
  3. Recruitment Interview: Face to face to qualify skills and interests.
  4. Skills Assessment: Utilizing Kenexa ProveIt! Software with more than 900 assessments.
  5. Placement Interview: In-depth face to face interview to determine applicant's skill level, work history and potential for assignments.
  6. Orientation: Covers policies and procedures, commitment to Johnson & Hill and our clients as well as payroll and time keeping procedures.
  7. Policy and Benefit Review: All legal employment paperwork is completed and a full benefit review is conducted. Johnson & Hill offers full comprehensive health insurance.
  8. Reference Check: A minimum of two business references are required and verified.
  9. Additional Screening: Based on specific client needs, we may also conduct background screening, criminal background check, social security verification, OFAC check, employment verification, 3rd party verification, drug testing, educational background and degree check, credit check and driving record verification.